Advice fer ye travelers.

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Advice fer ye travelers.

Post  Necceh on Fri Feb 27, 2009 4:31 pm

Arrr, avast ye travelers..though em Wetlands be cleared o' most o' em Orcs an' what not, be careful fer Orc activity in em southern Wetlands leadin' to Loch Modan, t'is yer own responsibility to travel through em marshes.

How to be avoidin' trouble like a sea dog:

Keep to em roads, if ye go fer the march..expect a Gnoll or a Crocodile to eat yer hide.

Ye follow the road west, east be bad businiss..we reccomend ye to refrain from travelin' either north or east due to em dragons an' dark irons.

Keep a cutlass or dagger with yerself incase ye do encounter a croc.

Pay yer fee's.

Put some proper clothin' on yer hide, nothin' heavy like yer plate-mail or chain-mail armor, the ground o' the Wetlands be soft an' ye dont know if yer suddenly walkin' on a river covered in leaf's or not.

Get yerself a map, we be offerin' em in Ironforge an' Loch Modan fer a low price, can get yerself some crocolisk oil to cover yerself in, animals generally stay away from it ye know..unless it be a horny croc, in tha' fer yer life.

Governors note: In the event you find a bag inside a black ooze, please return it to the lost property department of Menethil.

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