Hiring lads fer 'em Privateers.

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Hiring lads fer 'em Privateers.

Post  Necceh on Sat Feb 28, 2009 5:19 pm

*A casual man dressed in rags and wearing an eyepatch enters the Tavern and begins shouting*
Avast ye citizenry an' travelers, we be lookin' fer new sea dogs fer the crew, ye'll see a whole bunch o' the world an' ye'll get yerself a share o' the booty.

Arrr, to apply..simply get yer arse to em Landlubber's Paradises' corner an' see if ye can get anywhar, aye.

Sailin' expierence be a plus, but it aint needed as it'll be taught to ye, thar be a few qualities ye are to require fer applyin' however, bein':

Some cutlassin' expierence or somethin' similar (( Lvl15+ ))
Tha' ye got an iron stomach.
Willin' to marder an' keelhaul fer 'em Wetlands.
Arrr, willin' to be sailin' fer a long period o' time an' not comin' home fer the next two years.

This message be brought to ye by Admiral Nec Demonwretcher, yer free to be askin' some questions to the ol' sea dog.

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