Laws and Rules within the Port Town of Menethil Harbour

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Re: Laws and Rules within the Port Town of Menethil Harbour

Post  Pinny on Sat Feb 28, 2009 6:04 pm

*The old parchment is ripped down, and on the front of the entrance bridge, the pier, the entrance to the keep and the entrance to the tavern a new parchment covered in rules is nailed down.*

1) Lethal weapons cannot be carried by civilians. Punishment is a fine of one gold coin, the fine may change depending on how scary this lethal weapon is.

2) No fighting within the walls of Menethil Harbor, fine for causing a ruckus is five gold coins.
If a drunk has insulted your mother, then you have full permission to take him outside the walls however, but no lethal injuries or the fine will still apply.
This rule also does not apply when ninjas are in town as conflict between the pirate inhabitants and the ninjas is inevitable.

3) No Blackwater Raiders, members of the Steamwheedle Cartel or allies of these two criminal organizations. On punishment of death.

4) No Death Knights or Undead allowed within a mile of Menethil Harbor unless they are known allies. Punishment of immediate lynching.

5) No Goblins, ever.

6) In order to maintain the smooth running of the town, a five silver toll is required for all using our boat services.

7) Always respect your superiors.


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